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Unlock the power of the wisdom of the crowd

Consumers are greatly influenced by the actions of others. Understanding what other people are buying in real-time, helps shoppers discover products and make more informed and confident buying decisions.

Powered by real-time data, Taggstar’s Social Proof Messaging and Social Proof Recommendations tap into these behaviours and help retailers and brands deliver dynamic shopping experiences that convert and significantly boost the bottom line.

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Return on Investment


Conversion Rate Uplift

Better shopping experiences. More growth.

From boosting conversion rates and reducing cart abandonments to decreasing returns and increasing engagement, global retailers and brands trust Taggstar to help deliver the best shopping experiences possible and drive more growth.

Let social proof messaging elevate customer experiences and accelerate revenue growth this holiday season… and beyond.

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Smarter messaging with machine learning

Market-leading social proof, combined with machine learning, means our platform delivers the right message at the right time in the customer buying journey to continuously optimise conversions.

We deliver the widest range of customisable messages

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Highlight bestsellers and trending items to help shoppers discover products they’ll love.

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Focus attention on special attributes or share aggregated reviews to improve decision-making.

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Enable shoppers to make confident product choices that are right for them and reduce returns.

Social Proof Messaging
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Let our customers convince you

“I was already aware of the positive benefits of social proof messaging to drive business growth, but the 8% conversion rate uplift has been incredible and has the potential to incrementally drive millions of pounds of growth for our Ecommerce business.”

Chris Bishop, Ecommerce and Digital Director, Nobody's Child


Conversion Rate Uplift

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Integration made easy, increase revenue in a matter of days

When it comes to the implementation of social proof, we are laser-focused on providing flexible and fast integration options with minimal disruption to your business. Whether you use our lightweight JavaScript tag on the front-end or integrate Taggstar into your Composable Commerce stack using our APIs or SDK framework, we support your team every step of the way.

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