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Why it pays off to invest in an enterprise market-leading social proof platform

When investing in a solution that has the potential to transform the customer experience and significantly boost conversions, retailers and brands should thoroughly understand the cost/benefits of the different types of solutions available before making a decision.

In this report, we outline eight areas you should consider.

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Social Proof vs Badging

In this short guide, we’ll help you understand the five key differences between traditional badging and social proof messaging, including the richer, more personal and contextualised experience that social proof offers. You will also find out how the two can work together and how to optimise your online conversion rate.

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Omnichannel Retail Index 2023 Special Edition

In a time where retailers and brands are scrutinising every tech investment and stretching resources, social proof messaging stands out as a tool that can be implemented quickly, with limited disruption, and yield immediate and impressive results.

Download the report to learn more about the slow rise of a powerful conversion booster and explore best practice use cases with this 2nd special edition of the Omnichannel Retail Index from OSF Digital (formerly FitForCommerce).

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Start off 2023 as a Hero

How can retailers improve their processes and make the investments that will optimise the customer experience and improve conversions? This guide will help you to start 2023 off as a hero.

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Taggstar Look Book

We have collected some of our favourite customer stories into one handy guide so you can easily flick or scroll through to see how Taggstar’s social proof messaging leads to fabulous results for these brands. Take a look – you will see how social proof messaging can drive significant revenue uplift for your brand.

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Omnichannel Retail Index 2022 Special Edition

As competition for consumer wallet share intensifies and shoppers get more digitally savvy, retailers and brands are constantly on the lookout for tools to boost engagement, conversion, and sales.

There’s never a shortage of tools that claim to solve it all, but when done right, social proof messaging stands out. It is a great conversion booster that can be implemented quickly, with limited disruption, yielding immediate and impressive results.

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Omnichannel Retail Index 2021

The NRF and FitForCommerce launched the Omnichannel Retail Index (“the Index”) in 2015 to evaluate how US retailers and brands from multiple verticals were implementing key digital and omnichannel features. The initial study found that, while retailers recognised that digital and omnichannel investments were key to growing their businesses, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Taggstar is delighted to sponsor the Online Experience section of the Omnichannel Retail Index 2021.

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