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Product & Pricing Questions

How much does Taggstar cost?

Our pricing is based upon the number of API requests required by your website or app, contact who can build an ROI model free of charge.

We focus on return on investment, and our pricing and conversion rate uplift will deliver a minimum of 100% ROI. We welcome the opportunity to prove this using your own A/B testing software.

Is Taggstar compatible with my eCommerce platform?

Taggstar can work with either a JavaScript tag or server-side integration, and is agnostic to the eCommerce vendor. In the JavaScript case, a dataLayer containing product and order information is required. Our professional services can perform a dataLayer survey free of charge if you are unsure.

What amount of traffic does my website need to have for social proof to work?

Our minimum traffic requirement is 5 million product detail page impressions per month, for a customer that requires an A/B experiment to build an ROI case.

How long does it take to integrate Taggstar?

The Taggstar professional services team can complete an integration within 10 days for the majority of websites. We have been integrating with eCommerce websites since 2013 and have a streamlined process.

What software do you need to run A/B experiments?

You can use any industry standard A/B testing software, i.e. Optimizely, or you can use Taggstar’s A/B testing feature, we can push our data into Google Analytics for cross-validation purposes.

Can I make the social proof message design fit my brand guidelines?

Yes, we have lots of experience working within brand guidelines, our in-house designer can create an on-brand UI for you.

Does Taggstar work on an App?

Yes, IOS and Andriod.

What in life support does Taggstar provide?

We have a Customer Success team to guide you through an experiment roadmap, and Professional Services team to assist with support and maintenance of integration code.

I have more questions...

Our sales team will be happy to assist you with any questions.


Data & Privacy Questions

Does Taggstar collect PII data?

Taggstar only collects anonymous traffic data from our customers’ websites and apps. The Taggstar product does not need Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to work, so we do not collect this type of information.

In what geographic locations is data collected and processed?

If you are a European customer, collected traffic data will be stored and processed in Dublin, Ireland. If you are based in North America, collected traffic data will be stored and processed in Ohio, United States.

As our offices are based in London, UK, occasionally we may store and process data in this location.

Do you use third party cookies?

Taggstar does not use third party cookies.

Are you compatible with my cookie consent solution?

Taggstar is compatible with all cookie consent solutions.

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