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Machine learning drives results

As the originators of machine learning in social proofing the scale of data we have is unrivalled.

Machine Learning delivers the right message or combination of messages at the right time in the shopper’s journey.

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Why real-time matters

Using real-time information ensures a true picture of product popularity that customers can trust and avoids message fatigue of repeatedly sharing the same message.

Optimise conversion rate by presenting the right message, at the right time, in real-time

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Product List Page

Help customers navigate busy list pages by highlighting bestsellers and trending products.

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Product Details Page

Nudge customers to add to basket by aggregating reviews and showing popularity.

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Basket Page

Reduce basket abandonment and increase conversion by showing real-time information.

Breadth of choice and customisable

We offer the widest range of customisable social proof messages and work closely with you to ensure they reflect your brand.

Customisation allows you to ensure messaging reflects your brand values and tone of voice.

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Continuous Optimisation

Our dashboard allows you to manage your products. You can configure experiments, set up tests, monitor, and run analytics to track the performance of optimisations.

Whilst our Customer Success team brings a decade of experience to achieve the best results for your business continuously by delivering tailored optimisation roadmaps.

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“We saw the value of social proof messaging very quickly within Debenhams at proof-of-concept but were further impressed with the additional uplift we saw when we added machine learning to the mix and the powerful ROI both delivered."

Dan Finley, CEO


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Obsessive about testing and optimisation

We prove results through testing and optimisation and challenge you to use any A/B testing software you like (or ours) to prove its value.

  • Design and placement
  • Message combinations
  • Seasonal messages
  • Review and sustainability messaging
Customer Success

See the ROI for yourself

To understand the conversion rate uplift and revenue we can deliver for you, use our Conversion Rate Calculator but prepare to be astonished.

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