Act like a virtual travel agent

Inspire customer confidence to book their trip online


Travel booked online

Provide relevant information at every stage of the buying journey and curate a short-list to deliver manageable options to support speedy decision making.


Customer reviews

Digital natives say that reviews play an important role in decision making.


Abandon online travel bookings

Customers failed to complete the buying journey because they were overwhelmed by choice.

Help customers get the best deals with faster decision making

Shortlist inspiring places to visit to help reduce research time

Authority messaging

#1 Bestselling resort in Mexico this month

Review messaging

98% of customers rate this hotel 5 stars for families

“83% think customer reviews are important”

Customers don’t want to be stuck somewhere they don’t love - which means reviews are vital.

Use the power of the crowd to ensure ultimate confidence to book online

Aggregate reviews into real-time social proof messaging to highlight routes, amenities and accommodation that other customers love.

Personalization messaging

64 others booked this hotel since your last visit 2 days ago

Attribute messaging

Less than 2km from the beach. 27 people booked this week.

“85% abandon online travel bookings”

The emotive - and expensive - nature of travel can mean indecision that prevents the completion of online bookings. Don’t let your customers be part of the statistic.

Ensure customers complete the booking journey

Put your customers in holiday mood by giving them the confidence they’ve made the right choice.

Popularity messaging

118 others looked at this hotel this week

Upsell and Cross-sell messaging

76% upgraded to a sea view in the last month

“We’ve measured a major increase in eCommerce conversions directly linked to Taggstar. The third-party reassurance it provides using crowd-sourced behavioral data, helps to build a customer’s confidence in their holiday choice where there isn’t a real-life travel agent on hand”.

Anthony Hopwood

Senior Web Product Owner, TUI

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