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When it comes to luxury retail, shoppers expect a top-class online experience that embraces advice, guidance and inspiration.

Embrace the online luxury shift

The value of the global online luxury goods market stands at $64.5 billion.


Personal Luxury Goods now sold online

By 2025 online sales will equate to 25-30% of overall personal luxury goods purchased.


Cart Abandonment

The high price tag of luxury items means that confidence to buy online is paramount.


Choice Overload

Nearly half of customers who fail to complete the buying journey are overwhelmed by choice.

Avoid choice overload

Too much choice can overload and overwhelm shoppers, triggering indecision and a failure to complete their buying journey. A curated short-list of best selling and trending items helps reassure and gives them the confidence to purchase.

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“22% of personal luxury sales take place online"

Give your customers the confidence to splash out on key pieces.

Engage your customers with inspirational investment pieces

Show what others like them are buying by highlighting must-have items.

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“88% abandon luxury purchases online”

The high price tag of luxury items means that confidence to buy online is paramount.

Give them the final nudge to buy

Reduce cart abandonment around high value, high consideration purchases.

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"For our business it’s important not just to surface the right product information to our customers, but to do so in an elegant way befitting of our target customer and our brand ethos."

Alex Buckingham

Head of Digital Experience, Charles Tyrwhitt

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