Omnichannel Retail Index 2021

Commerce Is Moving Faster Than Ever... Don’t Get Left Behind!

About the report

The NRF and FitForCommerce launched the Omnichannel Retail Index (“the Index”) in 2015 to evaluate how US retailers and brands from multiple verticals were implementing key digital and omnichannel features. The initial study found that, while retailers recognised that digital and omnichannel investments were key to growing their businesses, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Taggstar is delighted to sponsor the Online Experience section of the Omnichannel Retail Index 2021.

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This year’s Omnichannel Retail Index reveals an accelerated adoption of critical eCommerce and omnichannel capabilities – COVID-19 left them no choice! But while some best practice features have finally become table stakes, there are still significant opportunities to elevate the omnichannel shopping experience across all touch points.

For more information about the Omnichannel Retail Index criteria and to learn how your company stacks up, please contact:

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