Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 3.19%

    Conversion rate uplift

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The Challenge

Fabletics is a brand that thrives on its sense of community and the members within its VIP membership program. Customer experience is critical for both existing customers as well as prospective new members. This is essential at any time of the year, but particularly ahead of fitness-related buying peaks such as the New Year, when resolutions to be healthier and more active are made. Fabletics wanted to invest in a technology that would not only enhance the customer experience for members and prospective members when shopping online, but which would also deliver impactful business results during such peaks.

The Solution

Fabletics had already witnessed Taggstar’s capabilities on other brands’ sites with a similar customer profile, admiring both the user experience and the UX components of the social messaging offer from Taggstar.

It chose to test twelve social proof message types in its proof of concept (POC) in the US across the full funnel, including PLP, PDP and cart. These included X sold since your last visit X hours ago.

From Fabletics’ first contact with Taggstar through to the following commercial discussions, implementation and go-live of Taggstar’s real-time social messaging on the Fabletics website on October 31, took just over a month. Within that period, the technical implementation took less than three weeks, with the POC running before Cyber Week.

“If you are looking for technology that drives immediate conversion rate uplifts while also being lightweight and easy to implement, then real-time social proof messaging from Taggstar fits the bill perfectly.”

Danielle Boeglin, Vice President of Data & Analytics

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The Results

While the speed of implementation was fast, so too were the results. The proof of concept hit statistical significance in five days. The test delivered a 3.19% conversion rate uplift and, specifically, a 3.55% conversion rate uplift on mobile, where much of the brand’s customer base browses and shops.

That conversion rate uplift delivered an annualized ROI of 3,026%.

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Tim Collins, Chief Technology Officer at Techstyle OS & Fabletics, said: “For us, the ease and speed of implementation of social proof messaging was particularly impressive, with Taggstar doing all the hard work for us. This effortless process and the vast wealth of Taggstar expertise we were able to draw on allowed us to run a highly successful proof of concept before Cyber week, another peak period for us. But the speed of the results – with statistical significance in less than a week – was also astounding.”

“It was also encouraging to see how well social proof messaging worked for our brand despite our rather unique membership model. Our customers have reacted well to having a better understanding of how their peers are shopping on the site, and the results were even better than we’d hoped for.”

Danielle Boeglin, Vice President of Data & Analytics at TechStyle Fashion Group, said: “If you are looking for technology that drives immediate conversion rate uplifts while also being lightweight and easy to implement, then real-time social proof messaging from Taggstar fits the bill perfectly. What is also impressive is how hard Taggstar pushes for continual optimisation. This isn’t just a quick win but an ongoing one.”

Peter Buckley, CRO at Taggstar, said: “We always aim to make integrations as seamless as possible, and by using our decade of expertise in the market and the knowledge we have gained, we work hard to streamline the onboarding process while also continually optimising after too. Our technology works for all types of brands and retailers, whatever their business model or target customer might be.”

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