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  like a crowd


Be at your most engaging

Taggstar increases sales conversion and user engagement with real time social proof and persuasion messaging.


What is Taggstar?

Turn your browsers
into buyers

Taggstar provides cloud-based SaaS technology with a single purpose: to improve your site's sales conversion. We do this by engaging customers with real-time messaging about the products they're looking at.

Knowing how many others are considering buying a product at the same time as you, highlighting when it's selling fast, or reminding you what others think, are all extremely powerful purchase decision motivators.

Proactive but subtle, Taggstar helps to inform a buying decision while creating a sense of product validation and urgency that delivers superior shopping conversion.

How does it work?

Complex made simple
made effective

Taggstar analyses your site's traffic data in real time, compiling and mapping data points relating to purchasing patterns, audience activity and customer reviews for every product in your online store.


Our messaging engine then crunches this data to give your customers live insights as they browse your site.

But here's the really clever bit -- because we're tracking add-to-basket and purchase conversions too, we know exactly which types of message, and combinations of message, are the most effective for your particular site, thus optimising as we go.

Touch points

Help your customers
all the way down the funnel

With sky-high abandonment rates, opportunities exist at every step of the shopping funnel to keep your customer engaged and moving towards the all important checkout.

At Taggstar, we've got something for every stage, whether it's drawing attention to trending products in search results and galleries, or gently letting a customer in the basket know that 5 others are about to beat you to it...

Show me the money

Up to 10%

conversion uplift

We're driving tens of millions of pounds (and dollars) of incremental sales for our customers through conversion uplift across categories such as travel and retail.

Performance is persistently measured in real time to ensure we're always adding value to your bottom line.

Multi channel

A workaholic for
your shopaholic

As you'd expect, Taggstar works across all channels (desktop/tablet/mobile), and if you've got an app, we have an API you can use too.

Our clients




Simply copy and paste a snippet of Javascript into your website and let our technology handle the rest.

Taggstar is compatible with every 3rd party reporting/tracking/testing platform we've ever encountered, meaning you can split test and monitor performance yourself while also relying on our own reporting suite.

As for look and feel, the design, layout, page positioning and even message tone of voice are all fully customisable to suit your site's particular style, or language.


1 month
free trial

We offer simple, performance and volume-based pricing.

The first month is free of charge, with no strings attached. Promise.

So why not get in touch and try us out for a month to see how much more your business could be earning?