Online Choice Architecture


What is Online Choice Architecture?

Online choice architecture (OCA) is a term used by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to describe the environment in which consumers interact online. It essentially looks at how such environments are built to influence consumer decision-making, including the presentation and placement of choices and the design of interfaces.

Published by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in 2022, the discussion paper “Online Choice Architecture: how digital design can harm competition and consumers” provides an in-depth analysis of OCA’s role in consumer decision-making.

The Six Principles of Choice Architecture to utilise on your eCommerce site

  1. Understanding Defaults: People tend to stick with the pre-selected options. Businesses can gently nudge customers towards preferred choices by setting reasonable defaults for shipping methods, subscription plans, or product configurations.
  2. Expecting Errors: Anticipate that users will make mistakes and design your interface accordingly. Clear error messages and intuitive design can help users recover from errors without frustration.
  3. Providing Feedback: Keep users informed throughout the decision-making process. Provide clear confirmation messages, progress bars, and informative error messages to guide users and enhance their experience.
  4. Understanding Mappings: Ensure that your website’s layout and design clearly communicate the relationship between choices and their outcomes. Users should easily understand how their selections will impact the final product or service.
  5. Structuring Complex Choices: Break down complex decisions into smaller, more manageable steps. Utilise clear labelling, categorisation, and filtering options to simplify the browsing and selection process.
  6. Incentivising: Motivate desired actions by offering rewards or highlighting potential benefits. This can include loyalty programs, discount codes, or free shipping thresholds to encourage customers towards specific choices.


How Taggstar can apply choice architecture to boost conversion for your eCommerce site

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