Responsible Social Proof

Helping shoppers make informed decisions since 2013

Informed decisions

Taggstar has always championed the responsible use of Social Proof to help shoppers make knowledgeable buying decisions based on the behaviour of others. 

So we support the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in its advice for “Urgency claims and price reduction claims”.

CMA Guidance

“These claims have a legitimate place when they alert consumers to genuine special offers or provide helpful information about current selling conditions.”

Jennifer Dinmore

Director, Consumer Protection

Competition & Markets Authority

Responsible Social Proof

Responsible and effective social proof dependent relies on real-time, accurate data, appropriate language and tone of voice, and the right message types to best inform the consumer at every stage of their journey.

Real-Time Data

We help deliver the real-time experience that your customers expect, using real-time social proof messaging to give a true picture of how others are shopping in that instant. Without this real-time element, it’s simply not social proof.

Accurate Data

Our real-time social proof messages are ALWAYS supported by auditable data, drawing directly from factual and accurate data sources such as your own real-time website data, or third-party review data.

Hitting the right note - Language and Tone of Voice

With a decade of experience in helping retailers hit the right note we can help craft the correct language and tone that personalises the message to your brand and avoids emotive phrases such as “Buy Now” or “You’re Missing Out” which can be interpreted as pressurising consumers.

Wide Range of Messages

Taggstar has the widest range and combination of customisable messages that help customers differentiate between the genuine popularity of products – and make better-informed decisions wherever they are in their buying journey.

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