Real Time Shopper Behaviour
in Social Proof

Why use real-time shopper behaviour for social proof?

Shopper trust is vital for any eCommerce brand. The last few years have seen huge advances in eCommerce as consumers have been forced to shop primarily online. Whilst this has seen many Brands provide far improved Customer Experiences, some, less honest, brands have piggy-backed onto this trend but have provided poor products, ‘pressure selling’ techniques and limited/no customer service.   

This in turn has led to increasing levels of consumer distrust which eCommerce brands have to combat in their marketing efforts. 

When launching a social proof messaging strategy across eCommerce channels, there are many options to choose from. Many solutions on the market claim to use real-time data even when that is not the case, which in turn can lead to significant reputational damage (as has been seen historically). 

Ensuring your social proof solution provider only uses the real-time behaviour of your shoppers for their messages is vital for both consumer trust and delivering consistent conversion rate improvements. At Taggstar, we only ever use real-time data which is why leading Global retailers and brands trust us to deliver social proof messages to their shoppers

Taggstar’s Social Proof Messaging solutions presents real-time shopper behaviour that statistically and scientifically increase online conversion rates and AOVs whilst simultaneously reducing cart abandonment rates.

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