Review Messages

What is Review Messaging?
How Review Messaging works
Types of Review Messaging
Examples of aggregated review messaging

What is Review Messaging? 

Review Messages are a type of User Generated Content (UGC) which highlight compelling details from customer reviews and bring them to potential customers’ attention.

Reviews from existing customers are an important way of establishing trust with shoppers, and as such are a cornerstone of social proof. Seeing honest opinions from people who have previously bought the product reassures shoppers that they are buying the right product for their needs. 

If there are reviews on a product, then shoppers can peruse them and read through them. If there are a lot of reviews, then this can be a time-consuming process. And if there is a negative review in the first few reviews this can derail the whole customer journey. 

How Review Messaging works

Review Messaging smoothes the customer journey by allowing retailers to bring out certain key points from their reviews, or even spotlight a particular review. These messages can appear on the Product List Page (PLP), or the Product Detail Page (PDP) and can help retailers to convey the most important or compelling information to customers. They could even appear on a cart page to help customers decide which products they want to commit to. 

Types of Review Messaging include:

  • Overall product rating, i.e. how many stars it has been rated
  • How many customers would recommend the product
  • The accuracy of the product description
  • The reliability of the product itself 
  • If the fit is true to size
  • Any key feature of the product that customers have mentioned in their review

Examples of aggregated review messaging: 

  • Customer Favourite – 98% of people would recommend to a friend
  • Fits True to Size – 89% said the sizing is accurate
  • Top Product – this product is rated 4.9 stars out of 5

Taggstar’s Social Proof Messaging can include aggregated Review Messaging. Working with product reviews software, retailers can incorporate these important messages throughout the customer journey to surface this User Generated Content (UGC) and use it to engage their existing customers. Find out more about how combining Review Messaging with social proof messaging drove an additional 1.71% increase in online conversion rate uplift for FatFace here