Crew Clothing goes live with social proof to inspire customers to buy

Crew Clothing has gone live with social proof messaging from Taggstar as it seeks to improve customer experience and boost conversion online by inspiring customers to buy.

Social Proof Messaging, which uses the behaviour of other customers to inspire purchasing, has been rolled out to all categories across the company’s website, including Product List Pages, Product Details Pages and Basket pages.

Social Proof Messaging uses retailers’ real-time data to help convince shoppers to buy by displaying messages such as ‘In Demand. 48 purchased in the last few days’ and has been proven to deliver a return on investment of 100% plus for retailers.

Rebecca Leuw, Head of Digital Customer Experience and CRM at Crew Clothing, said she was excited about the prospects of social proof for Crew Clothing to aid product discovery and give consumers increased confidence to purchase. “I was aware of social proof as a shopper myself and could immediately see the benefits, so working with Taggstar was an easy decision to make,” she said.

“Our focus to continually strengthen our digital platform is underpinned by online experimentation and data-driven decision making, and Taggstar’s pledge to continually test and optimise social proof to maximise ROI perfectly aligns with that goal.”

“We met with Taggstar in September 2021 and quickly ensured we had Social Proof Messaging in our 2022 roadmap following a compelling business case. The integration was straightforward, meaning we could go live quickly, and we are now really excited to see the results it delivers.”

Peter Buckley, CRO at Taggstar, said: “Retailers see incredible results with Social Proof Messaging, especially when they embrace the opportunities to continually optimise it to maximise their uplifts in sales, conversion rates and ROI. We are delighted that Crew Clothing has recognised the benefits it offers to their business and look forward to delivering results and developing their social proof roadmap further.”

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