Bestseller Messaging

What is Bestseller messaging?

Bestseller messaging informs shoppers that a particular product is a top-selling product in that particular product category or across the site.

By using real-time sales data, retailers can highlight which product out of a particular set is a Bestseller and draw shoppers’ attention to that fact. 

Bestseller messaging uses the wisdom of the crowd – specifically it helps potential customers to see which product out of the selection is the most popular, and gives them reassurance of the product’s popularity. People feel comfortable making similar decisions to other people, so will be drawn to a product marked bestseller.

It is important that the product is truly a bestselling item at that time. If a retailer uses this messaging across too many products it can lose its impact and lead to message blindness.

Bestseller messaging is part of Taggstar’s portfolio of social proof messaging. To find out more, get in touch with us today.