Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 5.01%

    additional conversion rate uplift

  • 2,100

    extra orders

  • 1597%


Fatface Mobile 1

The Challenge

FatFace originally introduced social proof messaging in April 2021. In the first phase of the project, FatFace and Taggstar implemented 11 message types running across FatFace’s Product Details Page and Basket Page where it saw a conversion rate uplift of 4.4%.

Since then the retailer has been optimising message types to understand the impact social proof has on its customers. That included the addition of aggregated review messaging in conjunction with its partner Bazaarvoice, which saw the messages “Highly Rated! x% of people recommended” and “Top Pick! X people rated 5 stars,” which added a further 1.71% conversion uplift on top of the 4.4% original.

Fatface Mobile 3

The solution

In this latest test, FatFace wanted to see what impact adding social proof messages on the PLP would have on conversion rate and revenue uplift. It added three message types to the PLP. The brand also changed the design of the messaging to incorporate a brighter, more vibrant colour on the PLP.

“To add a further 5.01% uplift in our conversion rate through the introduction of social proof messaging to the PLP is, quite frankly, astounding.”

Shweta Desai, Digital Customer Experience Manager

FatFace plp V3 (1)
FatFace Mobile 6

The Results

The PLP test ran from 30 March 2022 for 27 days across FatFace’s UK and US online stores and resulted in a 5.01% uplift in conversion rate equating to 2,100 incremental orders. This amounted to an ROI of 1597%.

Following the success of the rollout to the PLP, FatFace now has a full-funnel implementation of social proof messaging from Taggstar. The new design is also to be rolled out to the PDP following its success on the PLP. New messages will be added to the Wishlist, and further new message types will also be added.

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