Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 9.27%

    conversion rate uplift

The Challenge

Aldi’s Specialbuys category releases new product ranges every Thursday and Sunday. Each range has limited inventory, available until it sells out; there’s only a short period to market each range before the next range drops.

The eCommerce team was keen to make the most of that window, using social proof messaging to optimise performance.

The Solution

The Aldi eCommerce team knew that social proof messaging could engage customers and encourage sales conversions.

Taggstar trend algorithm pulls real-time trends about how many people have bought, viewed, or added a product to their basket. These social proof trends are displayed as messages on specific product detail pages and the basket page.

Aldi chose to use all of Taggstar’s core message types, including ‘trending’, ‘add to basket’, ‘selling quickly’ and audience views, plus third-party Bazaarvoice product review messaging.

Given the granular Specialbuys categories, Aldi has also chosen to display Taggstar’s ‘bestseller’ message type to tell customers which items are the most popular in a specific range.

The Solution

Integration and Experimentation
The eCommerce team quickly integrated the software using Google Tag Manager, and the first experiments began in late 2018. Initial tests were run in the UK on its PDP and basket pages.

As an existing Bazaarvoice user, Aldi was able to take advantage of Taggstar’s ability to integrate product reviews and ratings, where over 90% of contributors had given the product 5-star feedback. This works by pulling data about the percentage of people who had recommended (or highly-rated) a product into the Taggstar message.

The Solution

Customer Success Team Support and Message Customisation
Taggstar’s customer success (CSM) team initially supplied Aldi with a wide portfolio of messaging examples, to help understand and refine what would suit the brand’s house style.

The teams then worked together to create messages based on brand guidelines, until they found an image style, size, opacity and product page positioning that met both Aldi’s expectations and Taggstar’s social proof best practice.

With product categories and messages agreed, Aldi launched Taggstar onto the site in November 2018 for the initial experiment period, allowing it to take advantage of the pre-Christmas retail peak.

Testing and Optimisation
Using Google tracking to allow Aldi’s eCommerce team to see website page analytics, Taggstar’s message performance is tracked and recorded through its dashboard. The Taggstar CSM team works with Aldi to review these results and optimise messaging as part of its quarterly business reviews (QBRs).

“Taggstar acts like an online virtual assistant, helping to make purchasing decisions easier for our millions of customers, and supports the growth of our online sales.”

James Kinnear, eCommerce Retail Director

The Results

Taggstar has delivered significant positive results across the board for Aldi with a 9.27% conversion rate uplift (data accurate to 20 June 2019). Social proof messaging is now an ongoing eCommerce optimisation tool on Aldi’s site.

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