Taggstar is delighted to announce its partnership with leading Norwegian online sports retailer Getinspired.no for social proof messaging

Alison Wiltshire

17 Jan 2022

Taggstar is delighted to announce its social proof messaging partnership with leading and award-winning, Norwegian online sports clothing and leisure retailer Getinspired.no, its first deal with a Norway-headquartered retailer.

The implementation of social proof messaging for Getinspired.no led to a 9.05% conversion rate uplift in only 22 days from implementation in its Norwegian home market. As well as driving conversion and online sales, the retailer wanted to better guide customers through the shopping journey and the company’s expanding product ranges.

Getinspired.no also wanted to use the power of its existing, loyal customers to help influence potential new customers during their browsing experience. As well as optimising their existing messaging, the use of social proof is to be now extended across further elements of the marketing funnel.

The social proof messaging implementation ran across the Product Details Pages (PDP) and Basket page initially but will be extended to the Product List Pages (PLP) in the next stage of the implementation.

Sindre Landevag, CEO of Getinspired.no, said: “Our partnership with Taggstar has not only demonstrated the power of social proof messaging for our brand, but also illustrated the success of Taggstar’s expertise, even in new markets. They are clearly the leaders for social proof.”

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