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Home improvement retailer Wickes unlocks ongoing value from social proof investment

Alison Wiltshire

29 Apr 2024

When home improvement retailer Wickes first launched social proof messaging in 2020, the goal was to provide shoppers with an easy way to find what they were looking for, make the best decisions and complete their purchases with confidence.

They worked with Taggstar’s customer success team to develop a plan for implementing and testing social proof messaging on their eCommerce site, including determining the most relevant types of messaging and the right look and tone of voice to resonate with their target audience. The results were immediate and positive. Shoppers engaged with the messaging, and A/B testing results revealed that shoppers were more inclined to purchase because they were influenced by other shoppers. This led to a 4.48% conversion rate uplift, and it was a no-brainer for Wickes to extend Taggstar social proof across the eCommerce site.

Always looking to improve the eCommerce experience, Wickes continuously works with the Taggstar customer success team to enhance the implementation of social proof messaging. These efforts include refreshing messaging, including message types and design to maximise impact, avoid message blindness and drive increased incremental online conversion uplift.

Recently, to improve message visibility and boost engagement, Taggstar and Wickes added themed animated icons to its social proof messages across the PLP, PDP, basket pages and mobile app. The fun and engaging animations that include graphics of paint rollers and hammers quickly resulted in a 1.57% conversion rate uplift!

“Adding animated icons has meant we’ve once again witnessed conversion rate uplifts in just a short period of time. We benefit greatly from the help of the CSM team, who use their expertise in the market and their experience with other customers to help boost our results, but they are attentive to our needs, too. It’s a very collaborative way of working that sees Taggstar take all ideas onboard and help us with both quick wins and in developing our long-term strategy and plans”,

Lindsay Costa, Digital Trading Manager at Wickes.

Wickes website Interior wood paint selection with social proof messaging

The strong partnership between Wickes and the Taggstar team along with a constant commitment to optimisation, ensures that Wickes is always improving the customer experience and getting the most out of its social proof messaging investment.

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