Dispelling 6 myths about social proof implementation

As you begin to plan your 2021 peak marketing strategy, you may be wondering how social proof can help. But you may also have a few questions about how it works, or maybe you think the proven marketing strategy won’t work for you?

Here we dispel some of the key myths around social proof messaging, proving that whatever business you are in social proof could optimise conversions, improve sales and offer a better customer experience. And, in addition, it will generate you a minimum 100% ROI!

1) Social proof is only for fast-moving products

Wrong – It helps customers buy across a range of items.

Some of our messaging is focused on best-sellers and what’s trending but we also help customers find other products, including long-tail items, making it easier for customers to find the right item for them. Our purpose is optimising conversions across all your products, not just the best-selling ones.

2) It will take too long to implement

Wrong –You could be live in a little over a week with Taggstar

We know you want results immediately, and we deliver to this. Our platform is a cloud-native solution based on APIs. It’s reliable, proven and scalable. Implementation takes only a matter of days, not weeks. We manage the majority of the set-up process, and typically our new clients only need to spare a few days to bring us on-board before they can go live

3) Social proof will slow page speeds at a time when load speed is vital

Wrong – our system has minimal impact on load times, and we constantly deliver.

Even during peak periods such as Black Friday, we’ve continually delivered 100% service availability to our retailers, ensuring that they can deliver the best experience to their customers.

4) Social proof will get stale quickly

Wrong – We have a customer success team whose focus is on continual innovation and experimentation to provide the social proof strategy that best suits you.

This ensures you are always getting the best results for your business and that the strategy is targeted to your uniqueness and business objectives. They work through a process of A/B testing to hone your messaging to best suit your business and your customers, comparing alternative messages or visuals to maximise their impact and ensuring that your brand voice is replicated within your social proof strategy.  

We also have the widest range and combination of customisable messages so we are always able to surface the best message at the right time in the customer journey – we don’t simply repeat the same message throughout the customer journey – like bestseller, but the message or combination of messages that provides the real-time contextual information to help the customer make informed buying decisions.

5) Our customers will feel hassled or pressurised

Wrong – We offer a range of messaging that is of genuine assistance to the customer.

Our retailers’ customers say that they enjoy the buzz of social proof messaging. Acting as a virtual sales assistant it helps them to navigate products better and manage choice, allowing them to better shortlist what they want. It can be of particular benefit in areas where the customer may not be so confident in their purchase. That could be big-ticket items where they want all the help they can get, or new product areas where understanding what other customers are buying will better help them to target their buying decisions.

6) We can do it ourselves

Perhaps – Well, you could have a go, but we are experts so why try?

We’ve been doing social proof messaging since 2013, that’s longer than any of our competitors. And it’s all we do. We currently work across more than 100 retail websites in 15 languages and deliver more than five billion real-time messages a month. We offer the largest range of messaging, all based on complicated algorithms which we have honed since launch, complemented by machine learning. We use specialised databases and millions of lines of code to process your customers’ real-time behaviour.

We have customers including Argos and The Very Group who have been with us since our launch in 2013 – our results are transparent and statistically proven through A/B testing. Our customers are often surprised by just how impressive the results can be – from conversion rates in excess of 10% to ROI of at least 100%. Get in touch today and get social proof live before peak

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