Professional Services

For retailers that do not have the time or resources to manage the creation, deployment and testing of Taggstar’s Social Proof solution, we offer a Managed Service delivered by our expert Professional Services team.

Professional Service

The Professional Services team can deliver a fully managed integration of Taggstar Social Proof for retailers that do not have the time or resources to manage the creation, testing and deployment, and maintenance of JavaScript and HTML code.


Following a structured three-stage implementation process, deployment can be achieved in as little as 5 days:
  • Requirements gathering: Discuss and align priorities
  • Integration, build & QA: Rigorous QA ensures that the UI/UX is fully responsive on all major web browsers and devices
  • Deployment: We are flexible and can deploy Taggstar within a customer's existing A/B testing tools or, within our inbuilt A/B solution to prove the value of Taggstar.

Roadmap and Optimisation

With over 8 years experience as the leaders in social proof, we have a rich data-led understanding of what will deliver ROI at speed. Working closely with our Customer Success Team, the Professional Services team will execute a series of managed A/B experiments such as:
  • Testing new designs
  • Adding new message types
  • Integrating into new channels (e.g. email, social, native apps)
The ROI we deliver through A/B experimentation is only the beginning. Machine Learning adds an additional layer which has been scientifically proven to boost conversion rates by a further 2-3%.

Streamlined processes that delivers in record times

Stage Onbording Process
days to onboard
mins average first reply

Technical Support

As an enterprise product we provide robust service level agreements.
Customers can raise technical support tickets 24/7 365 for small or approved changes to their existing experiences. In the unlikely event of an incident, they can also log a ticket with the team.