Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 4.5%

    conversion rate uplift

  • 3

    weeks to implement full funnel messaging

  • 3

    weeks to see results

The Challenge

During the months of the pandemic and working from home, specialist retailer had thousands of new customers visiting its website to buy fitness gear. Dan Cartner, Senior Marketing and eCommerce Manager, wanted to prevent these customers from being overwhelmed by choice, by guiding them to the right products and giving them the confidence to make a purchase. After a proof of concept trial with Taggstar social proof in November, which delivered an uplift in conversion rates of 4.5%+, rolled out the Taggstar solution across its entire website.

The Solution

In November 2020, asked Taggstar to run a proof of concept for social messaging on its website. Within three weeks, the trial delivered a 4.5%+ uplift in conversion rates and in December signed up for a full funnel implementation across the entire customer journey from Product List Page to Product Details Page and the Basket.

From the proof of concept trial, Taggstar and moved fast, taking only three weeks to implement full funnel social messaging across four international websites as well as the UK, including translating all messages into French, German, Italian and Spanish. Google Tag Manager was used to integrate the Taggstar solution with ecommerce platform, and Taggstar’s customer success team used A/B testing to quickly identify the most effective message formats, working closely with to create the right look and tone of voice for the brand.

“Social proof makes it easier for customers to find what they need and buy with confidence.”

Dan Cartner, Senior Marketing and eCommerce Manager

The Results

Social messaging had an immediate commercial impact on’s business, with an uplift in conversion rates of 4.5%+ in just three weeks.

Dan Cartner concludes: “we love working with Taggstar. The team was quick to understand our business and what sort of online experience we want for our customers. The implementation has been smooth and we’re delighted with the results so far. We’re passionate about helping our customers in every way to make good choices and with social proof we can give them extra information and reassurance throughout their shopping journey.”

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