Out-Of-Home innovation injecting real-time dynamic social proof messaging into Very.co.uk Black Friday 2018 campaign

“Building on our recent OOH campaigns, we continue to push the boundaries by being the first advertiser to team up with Taggstar to include real-time dynamic product messaging on digital screens."

Sylvia Woon

Chief Marketing Officer

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Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar


increase in spontaneous awareness of Very (of those seeing the dynamic digital OOH)


increase in purchase consideration of Very


remembered the stock availability message

Customer Background

The Very Group is the UK’s largest integrated retail and financial services provider, and operator of Very.co.uk and Littlewoods.com. The Group has over 100 years of history and a passion for change, constantly improving and innovating.

Its purpose is to make good things easily accessible to more people. That means combining 1,900 brands with a seamless customer journey and flexible ways to pay.

In 2020 The Very Group has four million active customers, £2bn annual revenue, 1.5m daily website visits and delivers 49m products annually.

In November 2018, The Very Group launched its new Black Friday campaign for Very.co.uk.

This location-based, dynamic digital out-of-home campaign featured, for the first time, real-time dynamic social proof product messaging.

The challenge

To give pureplay online retailer Very.co.uk, a shop window on the high street and in shopping centres across the country, in the run up to and on the busiest shopping day of the year.

The Solution

A location-based, dynamic digital out-of-home campaign devised by location marketing specialists Posterscope in partnership with Taggstar pioneered real-time dynamic social proof product messaging.

The Black Friday 2018 campaign featured social proof product messaging about stock availability and demand for Very.co.uk offers. It also gave shoppers product information that would normally only be available online or from a real-life shop assistant.

The Solution

Launching on Black Friday 2018, the creative initially advertised location-specific daily offers and the campaign unveiled and promoted hourly deals throughout the day.

From 23 November the ads also featured real-time dynamic sales messaging, provided by Taggstar.

These social proof messages were based on aggregated data about the behaviour of other Black Friday customers, including product popularity and scarcity. Rich product messages captured shoppers’ attention, created urgency about the limits of the offer, and encouraged them to go online and purchase before the special promotion expired.

One example showed an LG smart TV, with the message: ‘Going fast: 17 sold in the last hour’. By using both product purchase volumes and a time bracket, The Very Group was able to show that the TV was proving popular with other customers, creating a buzz about the product, and reinforcing that the offer was limited.

The OOH campaign made The Very Group the first advertiser to include dynamic social proof, giving shoppers the level of product detail normally associated with an online or in-store shop.

The Result

Highlights included:

  • 6% increase in spontaneous awareness of Very (those seeing the dynamic digital)
  • OOH featuring Taggstar messages, vs. the non-dynamic OOH) Equity score impact.
  • On average 13% uplift vs those that saw the non-dynamic OOH
  • Key uplifts for statements such as 'is a trusted brand', 'is a brand people love' and 'is abrand for people like me'
  • 25% increase in purchase consideration of Very vs. those that only saw the non-dynamic OOH
  • 75% remembered the location-specific messaging, and 70% remembering the stock availability message
The campaign contributed to The Very Group’s successful Christmas 2018 trading results of +3.7% group revenue year-on-year for the seven weeks up to and including 28 December 2018, driven by an 8.8% year-on-year growth at Very, its largest and fastest growing retail brand.

The Very Group was already an early-adopter of social proof messaging. It has used Taggstar on the Very and Littlewoods websites since 2013, and enjoyed conversion rate uplift of 2.7% and millions in extra revenues directly attributed to pages showing social proof.

"This gives consumers vital information about what’s trending and in stock, so they can benefit from amazing deals.”

Chief Marketing Officer

Sylvia Woon