When simply getting from point A to point B is not enough: Why it pays off to invest in an enterprise-level, leading social proof platform.

Alison Wiltshire

10 Aug 2023

What’s the difference between a mid-range compact and a luxury car?  No disrespect to all the compact drivers out there, but there is a reason why the luxury car comes with a higher price tag.  It’s not just about prestige and design – more importantly it’s about the performance, the engine, the craftsmanship, and of course the white glove service. In other words, it’s not just about going from point A to point B, but rather investing in a ride that is smooth, delightful and safe – at an accelerated pace when needed.

Although not an apples-to-apples comparison, there are some similarities to draw when it comes to the differences between technology platforms. When investing in a solution that has the potential to transform the customer experience and significantly boost conversions, retailers and brands should thoroughly understand the cost/benefits of the different types of solutions available before making a decision. When it comes to social proof, there is a reason why companies like Michael Kors, Marks and Spencer, and GoPro have chosen to invest in an enterprise-level platform, like Taggstar, instead of a less sophisticated widget-style solution or add-on feature of an existing platform. The short answer is that the ROI is undeniable. The longer answer is more nuanced, but even more compelling. Let’s break it down.

  1. Social Proof at the core. Many social proof solutions were developed as an add-on feature to a larger solution or as a simple widget. At Taggstar, we’ve lived and breathed social proof for 10 years and counting. Everything we build is based on social proof data and best practices, and we obsess about how it can elevate customer experiences, and ultimately increase your bottom line.
  2. Real real-time. Although many vendors claim to offer real-time social proof messaging, many only offer hourly or even less frequent batch updates. When we say real-time, we mean real-time, and that means that we deliver exact quantities and data points at any given moment. Does it really matter? In the UK, companies are now required to state the time window to which their messages refer, eg. X sold in the last 24hrs in order to not mislead shoppers – a requirement that could extend to other regions. Leveraging a true real-time platform enables you to deliver more dynamic customer experiences, avoiding message fatigue and instilling stronger customer trust. That matters to the revenue of 50+ retailers and brands powered by Taggstar social proof.
  3. Message fatigue. When a website displays excessive, repeat messages, the customer experience quickly becomes stale and ineffective. The overuse of messages can lead to reduced attention and feels less authentic, which reduces customer trust. Overall it has a negative impact on the brand and the bottom line, especially if messages are not relevant to the individual shopper. By leveraging a social proof platform that delivers real-time and relevant messages, retailers and brands can ensure a more dynamic and trustworthy shopping experience.
  4. Always smarter. As the first company to leverage machine learning in social proof, we have built a smarter engine based on unrivalled historical data and best practices.  Powered by machine learning, the Taggstar platform delivers the right messages or combination of messaging at the optimal time in the shopper’s journey. More relevant, timely and personalised messages lead to more engaging and dynamic experiences that drive more conversions and revenue.

  5. Widest range of messages and customisation. When it comes to social proof, as with most things in life, one size does not fit all. Brands and shoppers are all unique, and the types of messages including copy, style and tone has a significant impact on the effectiveness of social proof. Most widget-style or add-on social proof messaging functionality offer a very limited range of messages and little to no customisation of the look and feel of messages available.  Taggstar offers the widest range of unique messages that can easily be tailored to your brand’s look, tone and feel, triggered at the right time and place.
  6. Driving conversions across the customer journey. Social proof messaging is the most powerful when leveraged across the entire shopping journey. However, many solutions only deliver social proof messages on the product detail page. The Taggstar platform was developed with the shopping journey in mind, elevating experiences and engaging shoppers from discovery to post-purchase. Easy integrations and partnerships with some of the best technology platforms in eCommerce enable us to include social proof in email marketing and digital media, reaching shoppers at every touchpoint.
  7. Hassle-free implementation and white glove service. So many vendors promise quick and easy implementations, but most new platform investments involve an enormous strain on internal resources and prolonged disruption to regular business operations. The Taggstar platform is built for hassle-free implementation (a simple line of code). Our expert delivery team is at your service to help with everything needed, from design to set-up, to ensure a smooth and accelerated launch that drives immediate results. For those who prefer an API-first approach as part of a composable commerce strategy, our SDK allows you to control every aspect of the implementation and service internally. 
  8. Continuous Optimisation. Social proof messaging is not a set-and-forget effort. The best platform providers are always trying to optimise and drive better results. But when social proof is not the main feature, it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. At Taggstar, social proof is the main attraction and our focus on optimisation sets us apart. We constantly challenge ourselves to outperform past results, and our dedicated optimisation team is charged with surpassing customer expectations.
  9. Always innovating. We’re passionate about the impact social proof has on the customer experience and conversions. That’s why we are constantly thinking about, and investing in, ways to improve and extend our social proof offering – from new features and products like social proof recommendations to even easier integrations with new APIs and exciting partnerships.

Are you ready for a ride?

When investing in a social proof platform, it pays off to fully understand the differences between platform offerings. Some out-of-the-box social proof solutions offer limited functionalities, while others have transformed customer experiences and driven millions of dollars in revenue for retailers and brands worldwide. The investment may be higher, but the return will undoubtedly be greater when investing in enterprise-level social proof messaging. 

5 key questions to ask when evaluating and comparing social proof platforms

  1. Does the platform offer real-time updates? Do the quantities within each message update in a batch process or real-time on page load?
  2. How customisable is the platform? Can you customise the messages, e.g., language, branding and copy?
  3. Does the platform allow you to display a combination of different types of messages across the customer journey?
  4. Does the technology use machine learning to optimise results by delivering the right message at the right time?
  5. Does the platform assign a dedicated Customer Success Manager to drive continual optimisation and sharing of best practice?

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