What’s the Return on Investment using social proof messaging?

We have a very convincing answer. “At least 100%”, we reply – and often we see 1000%+!

“How?” they ask. Well, we can do this by delivering powerful conversion rate uplifts. Indeed we have seen conversion rate uplifts of up to 20% for some of our retailers. That can equate to millions in additional revenue, and we’ve even surprised the more sceptical of our customers as to the power of our real-time social proof messaging tools. As we are an optimised SaaS platform we can deliver economies of scale on the cost of delivering the solution.  We deliver 6bn API requests each month – and that scale means we can pass on that value to our customers.

But we know you want to see the evidence for yourselves. To do this we invite you to try our recently launched conversion calculator, a great tool which can help you estimate the impact that social proof messaging can have on your conversion rates and revenue – it takes seconds (and there are no pesky forms to fill in!)

Using the online tool on the Taggstar website, you enter a few simple details, such as the average number of orders you get a month, your average order value and your sector.

We will then use that data, combined with our extensive experience, to calculate the indicative estimates of the benefits of using Taggstar social proof messaging within your business. You will be able to immediately see your projections, which include total annual incremental revenue, conversion rate, the expected increase in incremental orders and finally, your total projected annual gross profit with Taggstar.

If that’s not enough, we also assure you that the results we deliver are scientifically proven and attributable using A/B testing and that we will work continually with you to experiment and optimise to continue to increase the value for your business.

Want to try it for yourself? Head to our conversion calculator and put in your numbers now. And all this is done in complete anonymity – we don’t even ask you for your email address before you input the numbers or for you to get your estimates, so we won’t be hassling you unless you ask us to get in contact.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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