Taggstar is delighted to announce its collaboration with Gym King

Taggstar is delighted to announce its collaboration with Gym King, a global clothing brand based in the UK, with over a million customers around the world founded by Jay Parker.

Ben Stead, Head of eCommerce said, “we are customer obsessed and we wanted a solution that would give our customers the confidence to shop online, helping them to easily understand what is hot, what is trending and highlight best sellers to enable them to make better informed and quicker buying decisions”.

He continued: “based on personal relationships we had with existing Taggstar customers we knew that their social proof messaging would be a perfect fit for our brand and our customers who are very community focused as the real-time messages share the behaviour of other people like them at critical points in the customer buying journey to give reassurance to their purchase decisions.  For this reason, social proof messaging from Taggstar was the only option that we looked at”.

The team at Gym King will also look to Taggstar to support their growth into new markets – starting first with expansion into the US, by using the power of global social proof to communicate the popularity of products in their home market of the  UK to help customers make informed buying decisions.

Gym King anticipates that the key benefit to them as a brand will be a significant increase in conversion rate, resulting in an uplift in revenue.

Pete Buckley, CRO at Taggstar concluded  it is great to support a growing UK brand at a time when the activewear market is just exploding and helping them to help their customers make more confident buying decisions. We’re excited to be working with one of the fastest growing brands in this space.

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