Start off 2024 right with social proof messaging 

Alison Wiltshire

11 Dec 2023

As we close out a year dominated by cost-cutting measures and cautious spending, now is the time to shift into growth mode. While there is still a lot of uncertainty in the market and cautiousness around spending, forward-thinking retailers and brands recognise that in order to grow, you must invest in growth. But they also know that they must diligently evaluate and determine which technologies will deliver the greatest return on investment, the quickest. 

Social Proof Messaging: A Smart Investment for 2024

Social proof and eXtended messaging from Taggstar are fast and easy to implement, with limited disruption to your business, delivering immediate and impactful results. Leveraging our social proof and eXtended messaging, retailers and brands across all verticals are consistently exceeding ROI expectations. 

Here’s a few reasons why it works

  1. Consumers are more cautious about spending and making the right purchase decisions – social proof messaging provides real-time insights and aggregated reviews that empower shoppers to make informed and confident purchasing decisions.
  2. Fierce eCommerce competition calls for differentiated customer experiences – social proof messaging helps shoppers find what they are looking for by highlighting what other people like them are buying and by showcasing key attributes via eXtended messages that aid in the discovery of new products.
  3. Traffic from search and the growing importance of the PDP – social proof and eXtended messaging immediately capture shopper attention on the PDP by highlighting the behaviours of other shoppers, specific attributes relevant to search terms, and aggregated review messaging.
  4. Rising acquisition cost – social proof messaging enhances acquisition campaigns, instils trust in the early stages of the purchasing funnel and optimises marketing investments throughout the digital shopping journey.
  5. Combat high return rates that impact the bottom line and the environment – social proof messaging helps customers make the right purchase decisions initially by highlighting best-selling products and aggregated fit and review messaging, thereby reducing the likelihood of a costly return. 

Social proof messaging consistently proves to have a significant and immediate impact on the bottom line, with limited strain on internal resources.

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