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Building lasting partnerships with brands and retailers to avoid buyer’s remorse on software investments

A recent Gartner study revealed that 60% of global software buyers regretted their purchases within 18 months. Typically regret peaks at five months into a new contract. Unsurprisingly, the biggest drivers of regret are a higher-than-expected cost of ownership and slow or difficult implementation. 

According to Gartner, responsiveness and implementation enhancement support should be key areas of focus in improving customer retention. In our experience, transparency and ongoing optimisation are just as important. 

Earlier this year, as we started to plan for our 10 year anniversary, we spent a lot of time reflecting on what made Taggstar the company it is today. And a common thread was the amazing relationships we’ve built with retailers and brands since our launch in 2013. It was not a coincidence that we kicked off our celebrations in Liverpool – the headquarters of our very first, and current, client The Very Group

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“It is very unusual to work with any partner for this amount of time, and even rarer to still be so happy with that partner. Taggstar always listens to what we want.  Taggstar is the gift that gives on giving – always yielding value”.  Senior executive The Very Group.

We attribute our ability to build such strong and long-term relationships with our customers, to four key factors: 

1. Transparency
We’ve seen the significant impact that social proof messaging can have on retailers’ bottom line, but we also know that the results sometimes can seem too good to be true. That’s why transparency is super important to us and we always include proof of concepts and testing into every contract to make sure our customers are completely comfortable with the terms and expected results before making a commitment.

2. Flexible and hassle-free implementation
It is important to us that the implementation of the Taggstar platform is as easy and hassle-free as possible while, at the same time, ensuring that our customers start seeing results as soon as possible (which by the way typically happens within 2 weeks). Our expert delivery team is available to help with everything needed, from design to set-up, to ensure a smooth and accelerated launch that drives immediate results. For those who prefer an API-first approach as part of a composable commerce strategy, we also offer an SDK that allows retailers and brand to control every aspect of the implementation and service internally.

3. Continuous optimisation 

While seamless integration is critical, we believe that continuous optimization is equally important. We constantly challenge ourselves to outperform past results, and our dedicated customer success team works tirelessly to ensure that each customer implementation is continually optimised to surpass expectations. Partnering with brands and retailers, we make it our priority to understand their business and industry so we can deliver the best results possible, and we are always available to collaborate on testing and roadmapping to improve outcomes and strengthen our customer partnerships. 

4. Constant innovation  

Social proof messaging is at the core of what we do, and we constantly invest in improving the performance of the platform as well as extending our offering to include new solutions like social proof recommendations. We partner with our customers to maximise existing tech stacks and we prioritse tech vendor partnerships that improve shopping experiences and significant impact results. One example is our partnership with Bazaarvoice that combines two powerful conversion rate optimisation technologies – social proof and ratings and review – into one user experience as we did for example with FatFace.

The above factors, we believe, are critical in building strong customer partnerships, but we also have a team of talented and passionate people that pride themselves on always exceeding expectations. And of course it doesn’t hurt that we love to have fun too.

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