A personal message of thanks to the NHS from Taggstar CEO Marjorie Leonidas

Over the last three weeks, the public outpouring of kindness and thankfulness to NHS workers has been utterly inspiring: millions of us eager to #ClapforCarers on #ThankYouThursday, rainbow pictures hanging in windows, donations of food, pop up shops and cooked meals for #OurNHSpeople and their families. On behalf of myself and my team at Taggstar, I wanted to contribute.

I’ve been treated at Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital for many years so I asked my doctor how we could best help. It turned out that there’s a new #Wellbeing zone set up in St Thomas’ hospital (the centre of excellence that took in the first COVID-19 patients and is caring for Boris Johnson).  Staff are working 12 hour shifts; they are exhausted mentally and physically and the Wellness zone is a place for them to take a break and connect with each other. As a small ‘thank you’ from Taggstar, I tracked down 1000 luxury Prestat chocolate bars and got them delivered in time for Easter. It’s a small thing but lots of small things add up to a big wave of #SpreadingKindness.

Have a wonderful weekend with your friends and families, if not in person then online #stayhome.

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