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10 ways Taggstar stands out 

Alison Wiltshire

17 Oct 2023

Every company likes to think they are unique, and we aren’t any different in that regard. 

But we do believe that we are different in other respects – and it all boils down to our people, customers and partners. Below are ten reasons why we think Taggstar stands out from the crowd: 

1. The diversity of our people

The people are the cornerstone of every successful business, and we believe our employees are amongst the best out there. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences (the language count alone is staggering!), which helps to constantly bring fresh thinking to the table. There are no glass ceilings at Taggstar, and our staff are driven and work hard. As a female-led business with our CEO Marjorie Leonidas at the helm we are also pleased to have attracted more women than ever to our business. 

2. Our big-name customers

When founding a new company, the challenge is trying to convince your first customers to trust your fledgling business. We were lucky enough to sign up The Very Group as one of our debut customers at our launch a decade ago. We are even more privileged that they have remained a loyal customer with a constantly evolving social proof messaging offer ever since. Our customers comprise quality, well-respected high street and online brands who trust us to enhance their digital customer experience and boost their conversion rates 

3. Complementary expert partners

We are experts in what we do – we’ve been doing it since 2013 after all. But we readily admit that we aren’t experts in everything and that by working together with others, we can create even more extraordinary results. One example is our partnership with product reviews and user-generated solutions provider Bazaarvoice, itself a market leader in its field. Integrating its rating and reviews into our social proof messaging offer combines two powerful conversion rate optimisation technologies into one user experience. 

4. Can-do culture

Ask any of our colleagues what they love about Taggstar, and one thing you can pretty much guarantee that they will mention is our company culture. Remember the no-glass ceiling we mentioned earlier? Taggstar is a small and intimate company. We don’t believe in layers of management and bureaucracy. Instead, we operate a culture where everyone has their say and, more importantly, where they know we listen to and value what they say. Our colleagues know that they can achieve great things with us, and they’re an ambitious bunch.

5. Commitment to Giving Back

We all have causes close to our hearts, and through our Giving Back programme, we give our colleagues the opportunity to truly make a difference to those causes, whether that’s through volunteering or fundraising. Any fundraising undertaken by our staff is also matched by Taggstar. The roll call of charities is impressive, and we love to support smaller charities and causes that need the extra help we can offer. Another reminder of the dedicated people we choose to work with us. 

6. Pioneers in enterprise social proof

Of course, one of our biggest unique selling points relates back to the very heart of what we do. We are pioneers in social proof, being the first to launch enterprise social proof messaging way back in 2013 – the year, believe it or not, that the words ‘twerk’, and ‘selfie’ were added to the dictionary! Ten years later, we are helping more retailers than ever to maximise conversion rate optimisation and revenue through social proof messaging, with an ever-widening social proof offer. 

7. True innovators

Our dedication to innovation has stayed with us since our 2013 launch, and we continue to innovate and optimise our offer to maximise results for our customers. We deliver the widest array of real-time customisable messages in the market to help inspire, inform and convert customers to make informed purchases and are also the originators of machine learning in social proof, ensuring that the right message, or combination of messages, is delivered at the right time for optimal conversion. The launch of social proof recommendations in 2022 was one of our latest developments. What this space for further product updates – coming soon!

8 Real-time relevance

Our real-time approach to social proof messaging means that we can promise the ultimate in timely decision-making. It’s transparent for the customer and your business, with trusted data taken from your systems that can back up the claims made on-site. That ensures transparency for the customer with purchase decisions that can be made based on informed, real-time and authentic data rather than hasty decisions fuelled by the fear of missing out. 

9. We constantly surprise 

We believe in our social proof messaging products because, after a decade of success, we know they work. And we tell customers that, with promises of at least 100% ROI and significant uplifts in conversion rates. Yet, when we run our first proof of concept with customers, they are still often surprised at how significant an impact implementing social proof messaging can have on their business. We love to surprise, and they are thrilled to see the results. Always under promising and over-delivering!

10. From clothing to cake tins and budget to high-end social proof works for all

The beauty of social proof messaging is that it works for any retailer or brand regardless of brand positioning, or product. It is proven to work on boxes of eggs, on airline flights, furniture, make-up and everything else besides! Our customers include pure-play retailers like The Very Group and N Brown, mid-market giants such as M&S and Argos, as well as high-end brands such as Charles Tyrwhitt. And yet, all of their customers react positively to the extra help that social proof messaging gives them as part of the buying customer experience. Messages can be adapted to the appropriate tone of voice for your brand, ensuring that social proof messaging works for all customer profiles

As we celebrate our 10th year of bringing enterprise social proof to the market, we salute everyone who continuously helps us stand out – our amazing team, partners and customers. And we hope you will join us in making the next ten years even more remarkable. 

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