Boost sales by helping your customers book travel and holidays online with confidence

We increase conversion rates and revenue for some of the largest travel and tourism brands by responsibly using
real-time social proof messaging to deliver a more engaging and informed digital experience for their customers.

Act like a virtual travel agent and help your customers book online with confidence


Travel Booked Online

Provide relevant information at every stage of the buying journey and curate a short-list to deliver manageable options to support speedy decision making.


Abandon Online
Travel Bookings

Booking a holiday is a complex, emotional and financial decision that often leads to indecision and booking abandonment.


Customer Reviews

Digital natives say that reviews play an important role in decision making - with 51% considering a consolidated representation of reviews that includes a visual representation such as stars to be good.

Drive faster decision making and reduce time to book

Booking a holiday is an important emotional and financial decision that takes time. Two in three millenials spend more time researching than on the length of the trip itself!

Curate the infinite options into a short-list for your customers and give them the reassurance they need to make up their minds and the confidence to make a booking.

Authority messaging

#1 Mexican resort with adult only area

Trending messaging

46 people booked this resort today

80.8% abandon online travel bookings

Travel is an often emotive and potentially expensive purchase, where a lack of confidence and indecision at that final stage are barriers to completing online bookings.

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Prevent abandonment at the final stage of the booking journey

The choice of destinations and options can seem infinite, which is why a high percentage of people lack the confidence in their choices and fail to make a booking.

Real-time social proof messaging, used responsibly can reassure travellers by sharing the behaviours and choices of other people like them, to give them the confidence to make that booking.

Review messaging

A best loved hotel! 94% would recommend this to a friend

Popularity messaging

78 people have looked at this hotel in the last 24 hrs

Upsell and Cross-sell messaging

98% booked airport transfer to this hotel

Customer reviews are hugely important to people who book travel and accommodation online.

83% think customer reviews are important

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Use the power of the crowd to prompt faster decision making

Customers who book travel and accommodation online take the opinions of others very seriously.

Aggregating reviews into real-time social proof messaging for modes of travel or preferred routes, resort amenities and accommodation options can help reduce decision making time and provide customers with the confidence to book.

Review messaging

92% rate this hotel 5 stars for business

Personalisation messaging

64 others have booked this hotel since you last visited 2 days ago

Upsell and Cross-sell messaging

85% of people who booked this hotel upgraded to high-speed WiFi

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers say.

We’ve measured a major increase in eCommerce conversions directly linked to Taggstar.
Anthony Hopwood
Senior Digital Product Owner
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