Real-time, real-sales, optimised messaging

Social Proof Engine

Our intelligent messages are powered by Taggstar’s Social Proof Engine™. It tells your customers how and what other shoppers have bought. Displaying the right messages, at the right stage in the sales journey, to individual customers, about individual products, buyers are better engaged with more confidence to nail the sale.

Based on product data about audience size, order volume, buying trends and purchase history, Taggstar tells customers what’s popular or running low to complete, rather than abandon their baskets.

Trend Detection Algorithm

When products are hot, our The Taggstar Trend Algorithm™ tells customers not to miss out. Our messages encourage customers to ‘buy now’ before stock goes.

The algorithm is always working, looking for sales spikes. ‘Hot’ product messages are specially-styled to catch shoppers’ attention and increase product profile.

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