Nudge Marketing


What is Nudge Marketing?

Nudge marketing is the process of encouraging without pressuring. It involves using subtle prompts to guide shoppers towards desired micro decisions or choices, often leveraging principles from behavioral psychology.

The aim is to nudge shoppers towards making beneficial decisions, such as adding an item to cart, purchasing a product or adopting a particular behavior, without feeling pressured or manipulated.

How Does Nudge Marketing Work?

Nudge marketing operates through a series of subtle but effective tactics:

  • Social Proof

This is a powerful technique that encourages shoppers. Social proof refers to the action of making informed decisions based on the behaviors of others. Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, showcasing trending, popular or best-selling items, for example, often with timed windows, to encourage others to follow suit.

Social proof messaging is part of Taggstar’s portfolio of real-time social proof solutions, which has seen a 3.19% conversion rate uplift for Fabletics.

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  • FOMO

Each of us has once missed some profitable opportunity — whether it was a missed 50% discount on a sweater or a lack of seats for an event, it sticks in our mind. Next time we see a time-limited offer, our subconscious reminds us of this painful experience. As a result, we are afraid of missing another valuable deal and make impulse purchases.

Highlighting the potential loss of a benefit or opportunity can incentivise action (e.g., “Limited-time offer”).

  • Cart & stock information

Real-time cart and stock information (e.g.,”42 added to cart in the last 24 hours” or “Only 5 left in stock”) can nudge shoppers to go from cart to purchase.

Displaying cart messaging is part of Taggstar’s portfolio of real-time social proof solutions, which, along with messaging with PLP and PDP messaging, achieved an additional 5.01% conversion rate uplift for Fatface.

  • Attribute messaging

Retailers and brands can use attribute messaging to capture shoppers’ attention by highlighting essential product information that informs purchasing decisions, such as fit information or sustainability messages (e.g.,”100% sustainable cotton. 26 added to bag in the last 24 hrs”)

Phone graphic with a woman wearing a grey jumper with a message "100% sustainable cotton. 26 people added to bag today"

eXtended Messaging is part of Taggstar’s portfolio of real-time social proof solutions, which highlights key product attributes in real-time.


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