Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 5%

    conversion rate uplift

  • 12


  • 15X


The Challenge

Lakeland wanted to look at how to drive incremental sales for the brand. Matt Elliott, Lakeland’s Head of Digital and Acquisition, had worked with Taggstar in a previous company, so had already experienced the success of social proof messaging and wanted to see the results it could drive for Lakeland. “We want to look at onboarding anything that is a proven incremental growth lever for the business. It’s hard to come by technology that almost has a guarantee around incrementality, but with Taggstar, it does,” he says.

The Solution

Lakeland ran its initial evaluation test with Taggstar in April 2023 with a full-funnel implementation across PLP, PDP and Cart pages. The evaluation comprised twelve message types, including Popular! X others are looking at this right now; Trending Now! Sold X times in the last X hours and Great Choice. Added to cart X times in the last 48hrs.

“It’s a no-brainer. It proves itself and pays for itself multiple times over.”

Matt Elliott, Head of Digital and Acquisition

The Results

The test reached statistical significance in three/four weeks, delivering an average 5% uplift in conversion, which represented a 15X ROI. Lakeland believes that with further experimentation and rollout of social proof messaging, the company can drive conversion rates even higher.

Elliott says his previous experience with Taggstar’s social proof messaging meant that he was confident it would also deliver positive results for Lakeland too. “It is one of those things that Lakeland looked at, and I said it will work, and they said, why will it make any difference?” Thankfully it did.

Lakeland is now looking to add animated messages to its social messaging strategy, as well as considering the implementation of scarcity messaging to advise customers when stock is running low. The company is also considering the integration of social proof into its email and display ad campaigns.


Elliott recommends others look to the power of Taggstar’s social proof messaging to see the results for themselves. “It’s a no-brainer. It proves itself and pays for itself multiple times over. It’s one of those things people look at and might think, does that really work – and it just does. I’d encourage anybody that hasn’t tried it to speak to Taggstar, put a proof of concept together and let the numbers speak for themselves.”

Peter Buckley, CRO at Taggstar, said: “We are so pleased when clients we have worked with in other retail businesses want to introduce Taggstar’s social proof messaging to their new companies. And it’s great when their faith in our technology is proved correct, and they deliver positive results again.”

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