Hand holding phone containing a leather jacket product details

Hard-to-find product information results in shoppers leaving without buying

Product List Pages can be overwhelming with endless choices, making it difficult for shoppers to discover suitable items.

This is often compounded by essential product information being buried “below the fold” on Product Detail Pages. Most shoppers are unlikely to scroll down to find this crucial information.

Hard-to-find information leads to abandonment. In fact, 60% of shoppers bounce from websites when key information cannot be easily located.

Typical badging v Taggstar enhanced

Beyond Product Badging

Traditional product badging simply highlights product attributes, while eXtended Messaging enhances the shopping experience by displaying real-time attribute messages linked to the behaviour of other shoppers, empowering them to make informed purchasing decisions.

eXtended Messaging can seamlessly complement or replace existing product badging systems, leveraging our automation through our dashboard for effortless implementation.

Phone graphic with a woman wearing a grey jumper with a message "100% sustainable cotton. 26 people added to bag today"

Highlight what shoppers need to make purchase decisions

Use any product attribute to create compelling and relevant eXtended messages.

Combine with real-time social proof to deliver more powerful messages that capture the shoppers’ attention.

Messages can be used across the shopper journey

Phone graphic with four mens clothing products shown.
Slim Fit. 42 sold in the last 2hrs.

Product List Page

Accelerate product discovery on busy list pages and reduce time to check-out

Mens knitted jumper orange
Vegan Friendly. 37 people looking now.

Product Details Page

Highlight relevant product information upfront to reduce bounce rates.

Jumper and shoe
Recycled Cotton. 96% rate this 5 stars for comfort.

Basket Page

Reduce basket abandonment and increase conversion by reinforcing the key information shoppers want.

White boots
Made in Italy. 97 added to wishlist in the last week.
212 people viewed these waterproof boots in the last 4 hours.

Display multiple attributes per product

Display more than one message on the PDP to highlight different product attributes that make it easier for shoppers to make decisions and add to bag faster.

Laptop graphic with catalog search

Catalog Manager makes managing messages simple

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to quickly find relevant products with targeted product attributes.

Categories can be used to filter & refine  product groups. Multiple search terms can be used to improve granularity of the eXtended messages.

There is no need to manually manage individual messages per product or manually upload lists of multiple products to create tags.

Laptop graphic with dashboard data

Flexible implementation and continuous optimization

Taggstar solutions are designed for fast and easy implementation, while our dedicated Customer Success Team is focused on continuous optimization.

Our dashboard allows you to create and manage eXtended messages, run experiments, and track performance. Our Customer Success Team partners with you to create tailored optimization roadmaps to deliver the best results possible.

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