Why social proof messaging is a proven investment for retail execs like Lakeland’s Head of Digital and Acquisition

Alison Wiltshire

03 Aug 2023

Like most companies, when investing in new technology, Lakeland prioritizes solutions that deliver proven results, quickly. Lakeland’s Head of Digital and Acquisition, Matt Elliot, knew first-hand that social proof messaging would be a solid investment. Having worked with Taggstar at a previous company, Matt had already seen the success of social proof messaging and he was confident it would deliver positive results for Lakeland. He was right.

Launched in April 2023, the initial evaluation test delivered an average 5% uplift in conversion in four weeks, equaling a 15x ROI. Lakeland believes that with further experimentation and a full rollout of social proof messaging, the company can drive conversion rates even higher.

Once a retailer experiences the impact of social proof messaging on the customer experience and the bottom line, recommending Taggstar to a peer or bringing us into a new company, becomes a no-brainer.

“We are so pleased when clients we have worked with in other retail businesses want to introduce Taggstar’s social proof messaging to their new companies. And it’s great when their faith in our technology is proved correct, and they deliver positive results again.” – Peter Buckley, Taggstar CRO

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