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Animated social proof runaway success for fitness brand

Alison Wiltshire

22 May 2024

Capturing customer attention with social proof messaging is even easier when animated icons are added to help messages stand out further, as one leading international running brand found out when it implemented Taggstar’s technology, leading to an additional 2.1% uplift in conversion and an ROI of 617.49%.

Customer Background

The top global running brand specialises in creating high-quality footwear and clothing tailored specifically for runners. With a focus on innovation and performance, the brand is known for its dedication to providing runners with products that enhance comfort, support, and performance, allowing customers to achieve their fitness goals confidently.

The Challenge

The running brand first engaged with Taggstar in late 2022 with the aim of building brand awareness for its EMEA division and influencing engagement from its passionate community of runners, athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

The brand wanted to better guide their customers with the ‘voice’ of their other customers. However, as a specialist with a long-standing, trusted reputation for high-quality products, it wanted to ensure this was done in a premium way that would protect and enhance its brand.

The company initially ran a three-month proof of concept of social proof messaging across 12 countries and five languages. These included Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK. Languages covered included German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Social proof messaging using animated icons from Taggstar to grab customer attention fast was implemented across the PDP and basket with nine message types used, themed to the subject of running.

KPIs delivered by Taggstar. 2.1% conversion rate uplift. 617.49% ROI

The Results

The initial evaluation proof of concept hit statistical significance within 40 days – 16 June 2023 to 25 July 2023 – delivering more than a 5% uplift in conversion rate. The use of animated icons resulted in a 2.1% uplift in conversion rate. This equated to an ROI percentage of 617.49%.

The running brand is now considering extending its use of social proof messaging from Taggstar further. It is also planning to test review messaging, where aggregated review data from the retailer is combined with real-time social proof to enable consumers to make more informed buying decisions.

The fitness specialist is also planning to add Taggstar’s extended messaging, which helps to further improve the customer experience by highlighting essential product information or attributes that the customer might be searching for, such as recycled material used to make a shoe.

The brand’s director of eCommerce said: “Having seen great initial results with Taggstar, we wanted to take our social proof experience to the next level. By introducing animated icons in addition to our social proof messaging, we were able to give customers a premium and engaging experience whilst also driving a significant boost in conversion rates. We look forward to testing other variations of social proof messages from Taggstar.”

Peter Buckley, CRO at Taggstar, said: “Specialist and high-end brands are sometimes concerned whether social proof messaging is right for their customers, especially when it comes to the addition of animated icons. However, our results show time and time again that it works to engage shoppers whatever the brand’s customer profile. They appreciate the extra support with their buying decisions and the improved customer experience it enables, while retailers are rewarded with conversion and sales uplifts, reduced basket abandonment and impressive ROIs.”

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