Taggstar Look Book Fall 2022-23

Find out how social proof messaging has driven significant results for leading brands, and how it could help you to uplift your online conversion rate and revenue

About the Look Book

Social proof messaging is used by a wide variety of brands to improve customer engagement and increase online conversion rate uplift and sales. It can however be difficult to picture how it could work for your brand and to understand the impact it could have on your bottom line.

That’s why we collected some of our favorite customer stories into one handy guide so you can easily flick or scroll through to see how Taggstar’s social proof messaging led to impressive results for these brands. Take a look – you will see how social proof messaging can drive significant revenue uplift for your brand – and the ease and speed of implementation.

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What's in the Look Book?

See how social proof messaging works for a wide range of brands all grouped by industry. From Beauty to Fashion and Home & DIY to Sport & Leisure, this look book has got you covered. 

Find out how:

  • Revolution Beauty improved customer engagement with social proof messaging 
  • Charles Tyrwhitt delivered a 501% ROI with real-time popularity messaging 
  • Aldi drove a 9.27% increase in conversion rates