Messaging Balloons

What are messaging balloons?

When retailers look to use social proof marketing across their eCommerce sites, they may want to deploy social proof messaging on their site. One way to display this messaging is with messaging balloons. 

Messaging balloons are little windows that appear around a product image that provide relevant information to the shopper. They can appear next to or below the image, or can appear superimposed on top of the image. Some retailers use animations to make the messages move on the page, giving the impression of floating like a real balloon, hence the name.

Messaging balloons can appear wherever there is information about a product, and ideally an image of a product. This could be on a Product List page, Product Details Page or even a Basket Page.

Here are some examples of message balloons and how they appear on different retailers’ sites

The messaging that appears in these messages can be based on anything captured in the product data feed, but primarily it is an opportunity to display some powerful social proof messaging. This could include: Bestseller messaging, Review messages, Scarcity Messaging or any of the other kinds of social proof messaging available.

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