What is a full-funnel marketing strategy?

In marketing, “full-funnel” signifies a comprehensive strategy spanning all the stages of the customer journey. Imagine a funnel:

Top-of-funnel (Awareness): Prospects become aware of your brand through activities like in-person events, SEO, blog posts or social media.

Middle-of-funnel (Consideration): They enter the “consideration” phase, learning more about your offerings through product demos, engaging with customer stories, or email newsletters.

Bottom-of-funnel (Purchase): Finally, they’re ready to “convert” with targeted promotions, retargeting ads, or clear calls to action.

Full-funnel marketing doesn’t focus solely on conversions. It considers each stage, nurturing prospects and building brand loyalty. This holistic approach maximises reach, educates customers, and drives conversions across the entire funnel, leading to sustainable growth.

After purchase, the journey doesn’t end! Repeat (retention) is an essential consideration when discussing full-funnel marketing in eCommerce.


Why full funnel marketing is important (especially for eCommerce)

Here’s why it’s crucial, especially for eCommerce:

  1. Reaches the right audiences: By covering all stages (awareness, consideration, purchase), you connect with potential shoppers wherever they are in their buying journey. Top-of-funnel content attracts new audiences, while middle-funnel content nurtures existing interest, and bottom-funnel content drives conversions.
  2. Builds trust and relationships: Full-funnel marketing isn’t just about new customers; it’s about building trust. You develop brand loyalty with potential and existing customers by providing different messages at each level, addressing concerns, and offering personalized experiences.
  3. Optimizes performance: Each stage informs the next. Analyzing top-funnel engagement helps tailor middle-funnel content, and retargeting bottom-funnel campaigns based on past interactions boosts conversion rates. This data-driven approach leads to smarter marketing decisions.
  4. Boosts ROI: You maximize conversion potential and customer lifetime value by nurturing leads throughout the journey.


How Taggstar can transform your full funnel marketing strategy

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