What is a Data Layer?

The data layer, often referred to as a digital data layer, is a structured JavaScript object embedded within a website’s code. It acts as a central repository where essential user interaction data is stored and readily accessible to various marketing and analytics tools.

Essentially, the data layer bridges the gap between a website and external tools, eliminating the need to extract data from different website elements manually.

Common Types of Data in Data Layers

The data layer typically stores various types of information about user interactions:

  • Page Information: data such as page URL, title, and category provide context for user behavior analysis.
  • User Interactions: clicks on elements like buttons, links, and product images can be captured to understand user interest and navigation patterns.
  • eCommerce Data: product views, add-to-cart, wishlists, and purchase details are crucial for analyzing customer journeys and optimising conversion funnels.
  • User Information: when applicable, anonymized user data like location, demographics (if permitted), and device type can provide further insights into user behavior.
  • Form Submissions: data collected through website forms, such as contact information or survey responses, can be captured for further analysis and marketing efforts.

Businesses gain a comprehensive picture of user behavior and website performance by strategically populating the data layer with relevant information.

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