The Challenge

The challenge was to find a way to ensure that once customers arrived on the website they could easily find what they wanted, make a decision and finalize their purchase. Taggstar worked with Wickes to create a pilot project and business case to evaluate the impact of social proof on the customer. The test kicked off in August 2020 for 30 days with an A/B test split.

The Solution

Taggstar’s customer success (CSM) team worked with Wickes digital team to create the right look and tone of voice for the brand. A/B testing quickly enabled the team to identify the most effective messages. Wickes took advantage of using six of Taggstar message types to optimize the perfect customer messages for its customers. These included messages that highlighted popular and trending items; when items were last purchased; how many people were currently looking at an item; how many people had an item in their cart and personalization messaging showing how many people had looked at and/or bought an item since a customer had initially visited the website. All Taggstar messages are fully customizable to a retailers’ brand style and tone of voice.

Google Tag Manager was used to integrate the Taggstar solution with Wickes eCommerce platform. Wickes is now deploying Taggstar social proof across all its website, with 100+ million messages appearing every month.

“Taggstar have been great to work with and the team have a really robust approach to measurement and performance tracking, which has given us real confidence in the data and performance we’ve seen”

Paul Canavan, Digital Director

The Results

With half of all visitors on the site seeing new social proof messages indicating recent customer views and purchases, the results were immediate and positive. Customers engaged with the messaging and had the confidence to purchase based on other customers’ decisions. A further two-month evaluation demonstrated conclusive additional positive results including increased sales within the group of customers within the A/B test. Wickes consequently decided to roll out Taggstar social proof to all key areas of the website providing customers with confidence regarding the purchase they are making.

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