Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 2.41%

    conversion rate uplift

  • $193K

    (£159K) incremental revenue within 30 days

  • 411

    extra orders from the test group

The Challenge

To win new online customers in a competitive market, Victorian Plumbing began using a number of conversion optimization tools, to create an online experience where it is easy to find products, navigate style and color, and to buy in as few steps as possible.

The eCommerce team started talking to Taggstar in 2017, to understand how real-time social proof product messaging could boost results.

The Solution

As with all eCommerce sites, the online conversion story happens in a number of steps, from product page, through cart and checkout pages, with the online retailer looking to move its buyers through these micro-conversions without churn. Victorian Plumbing wanted to use Taggstar’s SaaS social proof platform to create a more engaging customer experience, by using targeted, real-time messages to share rich product information.

‍During an initial 30 day trial, 2.4m product trend messages were shown across all categories from full bathroom suites to taps and accessories. Results showed an extra 411 orders attached to the treatment group who saw Taggstar messages.

The Solution

‍Impressed by test results, Victorian Plumbing immediately signed an ongoing agreement to deploy Taggstar throughout the entire sales funnel. It now averages close to 160,000 daily API requests – that’s 30m API requests since full deployment. It has full control of its social proof experiments, and can customize message content, tone of voice, color and on-page position to increase engagement.

The Victorian Plumbing eCommerce team quickly integrated the software using Google Tag Manager, and the retailer’s first experiments began in mid September 2017

“Some customers in our market are often overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to them. Being able to see what other customers are purchasing helps to build a customer’s confidence…”

Alan Gregory, SEO & SEM Executive

The Results

Victorian Plumbing saw impressive engagement and significant conversion rate uplift from its first tests. Its test group covered 50% of its online customers.

‍In the six months after putting Taggstar in place, Victorian Plumbing was been able to measure an average conversion rate uplift of 2.41% and tracked sales of more than $193,000 (£159,000) from the first 30 days alone, directly-linked to purchases by bathroom buyers who’d seen the social proof messages.

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