Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 2.7%

    conversion rate uplift

  • $17m

    (£14m) incremental revenue

  • 100m

    messages shown

The Challenge

Committed to digital innovation, the retailer was the UK’s first to build an in-house user experience lab and is using it to test new technologies with customers, as well as identify ways to personalize and enhance the online shopping experience. ‍

The Solution

Taggstar’s social proof messaging is shown throughout the customer journey including gallery, product and cart pages.

A range of our real-time messages are shown on products throughout both The Very Group’s sites. Shoppers can see details about how many others are browsing, product popularity and aggregated reviews. This relevant and contextual information, shown at the right time in the shopper’s journey, gives shoppers more confidence to buy.

Our trending algorithms highlight fast-selling items on product list pages. By adding guided navigation to The Very Group’s websites, shoppers are able to find best-selling items faster.

“What we found with Taggstar was that we were impressed with the technology, but also the level of service and support, so it was a straightforward decision for us.”

Sam Barton, Head of User Experience

The Results

By highlighting fast-selling items on cart pages, our messages statistically reduce cart abandonment rates. Our social proof messages give customers the extra validation that what they are buying is right, at the most critical point of their shopping journey. More shoppers who see Taggstar messages at this stage, click and convert rather than abandon their cart.

Overall, The Very Group has experienced a 2.7% uplift in its conversion rate.

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