Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 2.51%

    conversion rate uplift from message redesign

  • 1.17%

    conversion rate uplift from expansion of messaging

The Challenge

In the latest development in a long-standing and successful relationship between The Very Group and Taggstar, the retailer wanted to extend its social proof messaging and test a new design on Kathryn Jones, Lead Product Manager at The Very Group said, “both initiatives proved a success, with a 1.17% increase in conversion rates for the extended messaging and a 2.51% uplift for the redesign”. The next stage of’s and Taggstar’s continued push for innovation will see further design iterations tested.

The Solution

Optimizing the experience was the key aim, testing the company’s previous Taggstar implementation against the expanded messaging, as well as the revised design.

The first test saw the company expand its message types across a range of pages. Its PLP messaging tripled from 1 to 3 messages, PDP messages increased from 7 to 11 and cart messaging increased from 2 to 3 messages.

The retailer also introduced Taggstar’s personalization messaging, telling the customer how many customers have bought an item they had previously looked at since they last visited the site.

Taggstar and are planning several redesigns but in this first overhaul copy was revised, a new color palette was introduced, and new icons were designed to better catch the customer’s eye.

“The Very Group’s mission is to help customers shop the brands they love – but social proof helps make that process even easier, by guiding customers to products they love too.”

Kathryn Jones, Lead Product Manager

The Results

The expansion of messaging delivered a 1.17% increase in conversion rate uplift in 19 days. In the redesign test saw a 2.51% conversion rate uplift over 18 days.

Kathryn Jones concludes: “We already had an established, successful relationship with Taggstar, and the benefit of social proof was clearly evident within our business.

We have a clear strategic roadmap in place with Taggstar spanning the next 2 years, which includes further optimizations of the existing solution and some new innovations designed to impact our key strategic objectives for 2021 including increasing customer sign ups.

The expansion of messaging, as well as the redesign of messages, delivered impressive conversion and revenue uplifts on already successful figures. We look forward to seeing the impact of the other design changes that Taggstar is helping us to implement, ensuring continues to deliver the best experience for its customers.”

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