Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 2.7%

    conversion rate uplift

  • $2.43m

    (£2m) extra revenue during trial alone

  • 12m

    social proof messages in 90 days

The Solution

In mid 2016, the group added social proof messaging to it’s power brands – SimplyBe, JD Williams and Jacamo.

Social proof messaging software was tested over a 90 day period, showing more than 12 million unique messages.

Customers saw information about how many other people were looking at a product at a particular moment, or what other shoppers had bought.

The messages increased customer confidence by providing transparent information about product popularity, and encouraged browsers to move down the purchase funnel.

“We were interested in what motivates us to buy as shoppers, and specifically the FOMO factor. We saw how effective the Taggstar social proof messages were, and started using them across our entire product catalogue.”

Finn Christo, Group Conversion Rate Optimization Manager

The Results

N Brown attributed additional revenue of $2.43m (£2m)  across the three brand sites, to Taggstar messaging; SimplyBe alone measured a massive conversion rate uplift of up to 2.7%.

N Brown and Taggstar continue to work together and have now signed a new contract to increase messaging and test different combinations. N Brown’s Group Optimization team says that it will begin to deliver its social proof message roadmap immediately.

N Brown Group has further innovated to drive improved online sales across its core brands of SimplyBe, JDWilliams and Jacamo by introducing Taggstar technology partners Bazaarvoice and Monetate. The group is excited to try these solutions together.

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