Key KPIs delivered by Taggstar

  • 2.94%

    additional conversion rate uplift

  • 11

    messages tested

  • 2.43%

    add-to-cart conversion rate uplift

The Challenge

IDEAL OF SWEDEN wanted to test social proof messaging to help it to increase website traffic and conversion and to help improve its visibility as it targets international expansion. IDEAL doesn’t have any social herding elements to comfort and stimulate users by indicating that the demand is high, and they are not alone.

The solution

IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s proof of concept for social proof messaging ran from the 19th of November to the 1st of December over the company’s Black Friday promotional campaign. Social proof messaging was tested in six regions, including Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, and Norway, with an implementation of 11 message types on the Product Display Pages (PDP). Messages included ‘Sold X times since your last visit, ‘Don’t Miss Out’ ‘Added to bag X times in the last X hours’ and ‘Popular! X others have looked at this recently’.

“We were keen to see how social proof messaging could help boost our conversion and sales further, especially during an important peak such as Black Friday. The results, which included a 2.94% uplift in conversion over the test period, were impressive and we look forward to testing social proof messaging further, especially as we continue to expand our international business.”

Shweta Desai, Digital Customer Experience Manager

The Results

The evaluation period saw social proof messaging deliver a 2.94% increase in conversion rates over the 12-day test. IDEAL OF SWEDEN also increased its add-to-cart conversion rate by 2.43%, and achieved a 2% uplift of completed purchases after adding to the cart.

IDEAL OF SWEDEN hopes to further optimize social proof messaging later this year, including testing the messaging on Product Listing Pages (PLP) and Cart pages.

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