New social proof innovation supports Matalan online growth

09 Mar 2020

We’re delighted to share news of the latest social proof innovation by our customer Matalan. Working Taggstar’s Customer Success Team, it has been able to increase its existing 6.98% conversion uplift by a further 1.44% across all consumer devices and an impressive 1.87% on mobile alone.

Here’s how.

Matalan has been using our real-time social proof messaging to give its online customers inspiration and assurance since 2017. It has directly attributed an increase in online conversions, by making it easier for its customers to find products and checkout.

In 2019 it became one of the first retailers to innovate with social proof messaging throughout the online customer journey – from list to cart page – and has measured a 6.98% conversion uplift in online orders where Taggstar is shown.

By taking an iterative approach to innovation, Matalan further optimized the messages on its product details pages over Xmas 2019 with updates to the style and animation and by adding emoji icons.

The results have been fantastic, with the latest experiment measuring a further incremental conversion rate rise of 1.44% on all consumer devices (1.87% on mobile alone).

Karl Rowlands, UX Experimentation Manager, Matalan said of its most recent Taggstar experiment over Xmas 2019: “We think this is an excellent result & a great example of how if you continue to iterate on successes you can continue to squeeze out the extra juice!”

Read and hear the full story here.

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