People who bought this item, highlighting a message which says "Top Trending! 55 sold in 24 hours"

New RichRelevance Partner Combines Personalised Product Messages & Social Proof

27 Feb 2018

We’re busy people. We love anything that gives us direction and saves us time when we’re shopping, including product recommendations like: “People who bought this, bought that…”

Now, through our new partnership with the world’s leading experience
personalisation provider, RichRelevance, Taggstar is now injecting a layer of
social proof, making these personalised product messages more powerful.

Using the crowd-sourced data, we insert the number of people viewing an
item, reviews and ratings, top-trending items and scarcity into the product
recommendation.  It looks something like this:

Taggstar’s real-time social proof messaging layered over RichRelevance’s personalised recommendations


It’s a richer message combination that lets retailers engage buyers at more places in the customer journey, using the power
of the crowd to encourage sales.  


To try Taggstar and RichRelevance on your website, get in touch.

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