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Capture shoppers’ attention with eXtended Messaging

Alison Wiltshire

01 Dec 2023

Today’s consumer is inundated with choices but is time-poor. In retail terms, that translates to a shopper who is more price conscious, is less engaged but has very high expectations for the online shopping experience. In an already fragile retail environment, this combination makes it even more challenging to succeed as an online retailer. Yet, overall, eCommerce sales keep growing.

Despite the steady rise of eCommerce sales, a recent study revealed that shoppers spent less time on individual eCommerce sites in 2022 than in 2021. When shoppers do not find the key information they need to make a purchase decision, they simply leave without buying. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t buy at all – they just find somewhere else to spend their money.

So why do shoppers leave? Although price always ranks high, it’s not the only factor that determines why a shopper leaves before making a purchase. In order to make a purchase decision, shoppers rely on specific and relevant information, and if they don’t find it quickly and easily, they simply move on. In fact, according to one study, 60% of consumers will bounce if they don’t easily find the information they need.

While product information is critical at all stages of the shopping journey, it matters how and where it is presented and delivered. Most journeys today start on a search engine, sending shoppers directly to the PDP. While the right information may be there, 50% of the PDP page is never scrolled by shoppers – the information is not easy to find, so they exit.

Beyond Badging

Product information becomes so much more powerful when it is easy to find, digestible and relevant. With Taggstar’s newly launched eXtended Messaging, retailers and brands can capture shoppers’ attention by showcasing essential product information upfront. It allows you to easily communicate key product features to engage shoppers immediately, improve discovery and help make more informed purchase decisions. Add social proof to the mix, and the messages become even more powerful, resulting in greater confidence to buy and higher conversion rates.

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Taggstar’s eXtended Messaging can be implemented across the shopping journey on product list pages, PDPs and in the cart, offering a wide range of message types that can be completely tailored to your brand aesthetics and tone.

Learn more about eXtended Messaging here.

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